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Welcome to my first post. Am I doing this, right?

I’m Angela, a Southerner living in SoCal with a great husband and new baby girl. We have a furry family member named Benton, who is my canine soulmate and sweetest thing in the world!

I’m a health and wellness pioneer and have been an advocate for many years in health care and as of 2014 with Beautycounter. My journey to wellness and better health started with a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2009. Panicked and fearful of death as most people with a cancer diagnosis, I started researching causes of the disease and immediately eliminated unhealthy habits with sustainable ones. Nutrition and personal care products were my first 2 hot buttons. I truly believe the pathway to health and wellness can be found in food. The other things were out of pure stubborn spirit. I’m a product junkie, always have been. I grew up in a dance studio and ballet company, and makeup is definitely plays a major role in performing. I’m not here to say “oh I’ve figured it out, but I can tell you there is plenty of evidence to support that the awesome changes I made in my life are for the better and I am hoping to live a lot longer because of it. I needed that peace of mind to know I left no stone unturned when it came to my own survival. This led me to Fit as a Fiddle.

This is a space where I plan to share lots of things with you like my new trial skin care techniques and of course new products, as well as my favorite recipes, clean swap hacks, and a host of other things.


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