Create Sunshine in the Storm: 7 daily actions to be your own Beacon of Hope

Life, Wellness

“Peace begins with a Smile”

Mother Teresa

One: Smile at everyone you see. I mean it. Show. Your. Teeth.

Two: Greet everyone- This thing we do in the south, speak to everyone you see. No matter where you are, try it! It feels amazing to spread joy in such a simple way.

Three: Breathe Fresh Air: That’s right, Step outside or inside next to your favorite plant and take in as much fresh air, and sunshine if possible.

Four: Take a Walk- Seriously, A 5 minute walk

Five: Get Better Sleep- Heal Thy Self! Cellular repair and mood rebalance begin with meeting this basic need.

Six: Put on Your Favorite Outfit or Article of Clothing- Do you have that one piece that comforts you during a dark hour?

Seven: Gratitude Journal- write down Every. Single. Thing. you are thankful for in your life.


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