“An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin
Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was referring to fires in this famous quote? He wasn’t too far off the beaten path if we take a closer look at our healthcare delivery system and how we respond to illness. I’ve been a health & wellness activist since my own health crisis approximately 10 years ago. We are constantly putting out fires here and there, by compartmentalizing physical illness as opposed to utilizing a holistic approach. We are focused on diagnosis reaction instead of prevention. I believe in systemic wellness, and the head/mind (mental health) is always included in the body (physical health). I started Fit as a Fiddle to offer services that include the wellness of mind, body, and spirit based on a well care plan vs. a sick care plan.

Let’s get you back where you belong!

Health & Wellness

It’s time to change your oil! How many times have you been driving and notice the oil light come on? Your immediate thought and we all share it, “shoot, I forgot about that even though I knew I needed to do it.” Self-care and car maintenance are ironically enough very similar. It’s something that NEEDS to happen so your own internal engine keeps going. Counseling is no different. It’s time to recharge your battery, change your oil, or whatever analogy fits with your thinking. Join me as we explore ways to clear our minds, our bodies and souls while we move to a consistent path of healing and well living.
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