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Hi, Pretty. If there is one thing I have come to learn it is this: No pressure. No diamond. No pressure. No diamond. No pressure….. No….. Diamond. I’m standing in my orthotic flip flops at my work station, making amends with how my body is less tolerant of the things I could handle without a… Continue reading Pressure.



I felt the cold, dampness of the winter on my belly as I slithered around on the wood floor. It was a moment that I’ll remember always. I was in a somatic training, and the extra 15 pounds I’d been carrying since college was speaking to me. I felt like a sea walrus as my… Continue reading Here.



Now. Now? Yes. NOW. It may seem as though NOW is a ridiculous time to speak of self-care, when the US capital has been under siege and political, medical and economic unrest are afoot. No, dear Ones. NOW is the EXACT time to speak of self-care. Because self-care is ESSENTIAL to us living our best… Continue reading Now.

Hot Ritual.


It is Friday morning… and in a short few hours the moon will be full.  The full moon is a reminder that, just like the moon, we are each a reflection of something brilliant and sooo much bigger than we can fathom… even in times of trouble.  From this brilliance, we are but a seed,… Continue reading Hot Ritual.


I saw this on a building this morning… and I remembered. I like to remember what I have been taught…  Why 108? That it’s more than “just cuz’” — that it has deep and lasting significance, purpose, history, eminence and impact. HERE is the significance of 108: We often see it in the number of… Continue reading Infinitum.


“When You See Crazy Coming :: Cross The Street!” I was standing in my kitchen making tapioca pudding when I heard these words come from the sassy smart mouth of Iyanla Vanzant.  It made me laugh out loud, but on second thought, there is some serious truth in those words.  Think about it. Sometimes we… Continue reading Crazy.

Like Blood.

I welcomed the women, one by one, in the threshold of the historic apartment – converted into a studio – for an evening of sister stuff : laughter, sharing, story, music, truth telling, and reverence…. They said things like, “welcome home”, “Ive missed you”, and “I soooo need this tonight!”. I was awed by how… Continue reading Like Blood.



Long ago, in a world much different than the one in which we live today, the word “alone” came from two words: ALL ONE. We slipped away, from the world we knew… for a few hours, a day, an evening, a week… to connect again to the ALL… to the center of our very own… Continue reading Alone.



You are not going to be the same person tomorrow you are today.   Your soul, call it what you will, is the ever evolving, always expanding, sometimes quiet, other times ravenous, center of your entire being.  And it is carrying you around, pushing your life one way and another from the inside — out.  … Continue reading Soul.